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Lives and works in Toronto, Canada

I began taking photographs while attending art college in the early 1970s in Toronto. After  a couple of exhibitions and a short stint as a commercial photographer, I decided to go back to art college to study graphic design. During my thirty year career as a graphic designer, I started to develop an interest in merging what I loved about photography with the language of design, and over the years have drawn on that knowledge to consider detail and space in photographs that show a strong sense of graphic composition.

Initially I was inspired by the many graphic symbols, markings, and structures that are present within the streets, sidewalks, walls and surfaces that we travel on, pass by and maneuver around everyday. I often find myself drawn to these ubiquitous shapes and symbols, whether they be permanent road markings or fleeting footprints in the snow, finding in them new and meaningful language. I enjoy observing the ground beneath or the wall in front as if they are giant, ever changing canvases.

In recent years the scenes that interest me emerge at the margins of the built environment. Wayside verges bordered by highway traffic ramps, the spaces under hydro towers, parking lots, suburban dead zones, loading docks, driveways. These are forgotten, uninhabited spaces that go unnoticed and yet seem to define the transformative human presence in the urban landscape.

Prints are available in limited edition series. Please contact me for details.